You know, if he needed a ride that badly, he probably should have just asked.

This Florida motorcycle rider had a very close call with a Camaro recently that he uploaded to YouTube. He says he was "cruisin' barely above the limit" when the Camaro in front of him slowed down without braking. Without brake lights to catch his attention, and lacking a good escape route, he slammed on his brakes to try and skim by the side of the car.


Obviously, that didn't work, and he crashed at about 70 mph and landed on the car's roof. I'm not really buying his explanation all that much, but the good news is no bones were broken, although he was limping for about a week. The bike wasn't so lucky.

Oh ya, if your wodering. Yes my bike is destroyed and I think ill buy a car next.

Good call.

Hat tip to Carscoops!