Watch a motocrosser fall 30 feet, then get back on his bike

Motocrosser Chad Reed is a leader in the Lucus Oil AMA dirtbike racing series, and after watching him suffer a 30-foot fall off his bike only to rejoin the race, it's easy to see why.

Caught at the Spring Creek National in Millville, Minn., last weekend, Reed had taken the lead early in the race when his motorcycle hit a rut squarely, shooting him high above the prairie. Thanks to some fortunate physics, gravity's rainbow dumps Reed on the side of the hill, letting him slide as much as crash. After a little consultation — which some commenters suggested should have been a bit more thorough — Reed hops on, fires up and gets back on the course, eventually finishing 14th and keeping his standing in the series. It's like a true-to-life "Successories" poster that doesn't suck.


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