Watch a Mitsubishi 3000GT Get Royally Rebuilt in Quick Time

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Screenshot: Throtl on YouTube

This beautiful-in-black Mitsubishi started out in pretty rough shape. The clearcoat was roached, the interior was past its sell-by date, and all of the mechanicals needed a proper freshening. In this ten minute video, you’ll get to see how the guys at Throtl turned the car from bad to rad!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Mitsubishi 3000GTs, because they look really cool, but I’ve always been wary of them because people have said for years that parts are hard to source and the performance just isn’t worth it. Well, with Supra and RX7 prices skyrocketing out of control, maybe it’s time to give the VR-4 a second glance. Put some elbow grease into a ratty one, and it could look and perform as good as the “Vader VR-4" here.

Some of the modifications are questionable, like the really bad color-changing headlight rings, but overall this looks like a well built car, and the 400 wheel horsepower doesn’t hurt, either. I bet it moves like a scalded cat.


Given the mix of modern and retro sound on the backing track, this 10 minutes goes by pretty quickly. Get into the renovation of this once proud fallen automotive hero. You might just find out you want to build one yourself.

If you’re an old-school forum build thread kind of car person, Throtl has assembled a few blog posts on the build.

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It would make sense as these vehicles were far ahead of their time and the 67-70k sticker showed. This isn’t even a full list, just what I could think of before coffee. Like any other car take care of it and it will take care of you, there are some out of the ordinary exceptions course, but I think we can all agree on this premise.

I’ve seen countless threads of people crying about how crappy the Getrag transmission is or how the engine sucks because they have a hole in a piston or cracked block.

Of course multiple clutch drops on dry pavement won’t do any damage right? Installing a ebay boost controller and going 23 Psi on stock internals should be cool right?

320 HP

Motorized computer controlled front and rear spoiler

Tunable exhaust

Electronic controlled suspension (tour, sport)

Four wheel steering

Traction control

4 pot calipers


Full time AWD

7k redline