Watch A Mercedes G63 AMG Outrun A Helicopter On Top Gear USA

Let's be honest: the military-aircraft-chasing-a-car formula is getting a little tired. However, Top Gear USA actually did a great riff on the cliché with some trees and a very sideways, very big Mercedes G-Wagen.


In fact, tonight Tanner is going up against Kiowa scout helicopters (as you can see in the clip above), UAV Shadow Drones, Black Hawk helicopters, and MRAPs loaded with troops.


The problem is that military aircraft are just too good at blowing up cars with laser bullets or whatever they use on Top Gear. It was awesome when an Apache copter struggled to get missile lock on a Lotus Exige, but that was almost ten years ago.

So we kind of expected this helicopter versus SUV scene out of TG's upcoming episode, appropriately called "America's Toughest Cars," to be lame. In reality, it seems like it's going to be pretty awesome. We're more than a little excited to see Tanner slide this hulking Mercedes down some dirt roads like it was a rally car. Getting some military vehicle porn thrown in on the side will be no bad thing.

UPDATE: The original headline was a little misleading, this clip doesn't have the Black Hawk helicopters, they show up in a longer version not published here.

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I don't get it, why do people still hate on TGUS? It's a genuinely good show. Sure it's not the UK version with its unlimited budget and 19 seasons to work things out. Even after all that, it's entertaining.