Here's United SportsCar racer, driving coach, and all-around ridiculously quick guy Jason Hart obliterating the lap time record for a car on OEM street tires at Texas World Speedway, complete with the sweet, un-music-over'd sounds of the McLaren P1.

Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a new feature where we spend that pesky time between race weekends looking at awesome footage from inside the car.


The McLaren P1 is a Vegas-sized Super Buffet of modern engineering, hitting a sustained peak G-load of 1.79 in turn 7 at Texas World Speedway, a very fast banked turn around the back of the track. That's insane for a street car on the Pirelli Trofeo R street tires, and further proof that this thing may just be the spaceship that it looks like.

The interior view of this car is fantastic, even just sitting and looking at it. Just look at the sun glistening over waves of carbon fiber all throughout the cockpit of the car.


Bonus: this record was set with a passenger. The one time I rode along with a driver in a car who'd set a track record, they were two seconds slower than its record time with [redacted] pounds of she-meat weighing down the right side. That was at the much shorter Harris Hill Road course, too, so on somewhere like TWS where Miatas struggle to break under two minutes, the difference would be a bit greater between a passenger lap vs. a non-passenger-lap.

That's a sign of a dedicated coach right there: no fun runs without taking the student along!

The official Texas World Speedway OEM street tire record—verified by track staff member Joey Todd—is now 1:45.837. Your move, 918 and LaFerrari owners.

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