Watch A Lamborghini Plow Through A Flooded Street

The Lamborghini Gallardo is now officially the most versatile vehicle on the planet. Who needs a Land Rover when you can have one of these?

It seems like when California isn’t suffering from the drought, it gets flooded by the rain generated by the a band of warm ocean water known as the El Niño effect. Drainage? What drainage?


The water couldn’t go anywhere in San Diego either, but that doesn’t mean that an all-wheel drive supercar can’t keep you stay classy.

Before you start predicting electric problems, let me remind you that the Lamborghini Gallardo can

According to a video shot by Ben Reilly, it doesn’t need a snorkel to do the whole “crossing a river” thing either:

Then again, you may end up with slightly more electrical problems than the Land Rover. But just slightly.


Photo credit: Ben Reilly. Thanks for the tips everyone!


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