The Ferrari Enzo is one of the fastest cars to ever come out of Maranello. The Koenigsegg CCX thinks that's cute.

At a Vmax 200 Hypermax in England, this 'Segg and Ferrari line up next to each other at the line. That's the last time they're next to each other. The Koenigsegg simply obliterates the Enzo. Once they leave the line, they never even see each other again as the 'Segg hits 240 MPH.

Not that it's surprising. I had a go in a Koenigsegg CCXR a few months ago, and it was so brutally fast that I'm still having flashbacks that haunt me in my sleep. I wake up sweating, startled by noises that I think are the exhaust of one of Koenigsegg's fastest cars.

The Ferrari never stood a chance.

Hat Tip to Mr_GoFast!