Watch A Hit-And-Run Drive Off With A Dude On The Hood And Somehow End Up Even Worse

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It’s not too often you get to see a genuine, completely preventable, bona fide fiasco actually happen. But that appears to be exactly what is happening here in Hong Kong, starting with what was really a very minor parking accident. Which then turned into an attempted hit-and-run. Which then turned into something like a subscale T.J. Hooker episode. Which then, somehow, got worse.


You can see the whole mess unfold in this video, where that little Subaru R2 seems to have bumped the rear bumper of that white delivery van, the 23-year old owner of which, Zhang Lay, has exited to get the license plate of the little Subaru.

That’s when shit goes off the rails:

Not only does the Subaru driver attempt to intimidate the van owner by driving into him, she actually does ram into him, forcing him onto the hood, where he reportedly hung on for about 150 feet down the road. 

I’m impressed he hung on that long, because as much as I like those little Subaru R2s (especially the fantastic side marker lamp design) one thing they do not have is an abundance of hood real estate.

Screenshot: YouTube/Subaru

The driver then seems to have attempted to escape, but hit a bus about a mile and a half from the initial incident and managed to actually flip the little Subaru onto its side:

Screenshot: YouTube

Holy crap, what a mess. I’m not going to claim to be an expert on Hong Kong traffic laws or insurance costs, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that just dealing with the consequences of hitting that van’s bumper would have to be better than this result. Plus, hitting and running is just a jackass thing to do.

Panic is exciting, and leads to dramatic events, but I think we can safely say all of this was a really impressively horrible chain of bad decisions.

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