Watch a High Horsepower Diesel Drag Car Hit The Strip

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Watching a high horsepower dragster tearing up the strip isn't exactly groundbreaking material—even if it is pretty awesome. That is of course unless the straight line racer in question is powered by a diesel engine you'd normally find in a school bus or a delivery truck with three turbos approximately the size of a human head attached to it.

That is exactly what you are looking at here, billowing smokes and tearing up the drag strip. The unconventional power plant of this 1500 dragster is an International DT466 diesel engine you'd normally find in a school bus or a delivery truck. According to, where we found this awesome video, the mundane diesel was bored out to 540ci before the elaborate turbo setup was added. From the looks of this footage this interesting power plant is currently good for a 7.62 second 1/4 mile.

While we are hesitant to believe the 3000hp claim in the video title without more info, there is no doubt this diesel is now capable of far more than the 2-300 horsepower it left the factory with. Diesel power is anything but optimal for use in a drag car, but it is certainly hard to argue with the strange and wonderful sight that is this unique dragster flying down the drag strip leaving a trail of black smoke and turbo noise in its wake.