The drama of this video, shot on a helmet cam at the Nürburgring, begins about 30 seconds in, when, having spotted a crash up ahead, the driver stops, waits for two screeching cars to pass, and then opens his door and runs to jump behind a guard wall. He tries to flag other drivers down, but to no avail, helpless to watch as car after car slides by.

It’s unclear when the video was shot, though it was uploaded yesterday by a German Facebook user, who wrote (our translation):

Very sad crash.

It’s not called the Green Hell for nothing.

Respect to the guy. He handled it very well and undoubtedly saved people’s lives. Such a person should be rewarded—most folks would think only of themselves.


The crash looks like a 14-car pileup at Nürburgring reported on by Bridge To Gantry a week-and-a-half ago. Or at least some of the pictures published there seem to match up with the video shot here.

Two were hospitalized in that crash, according to Bridge To Gantry, though no one died:

Just minutes from the last lap of the day a 911 GT3RS pops a coolant hose into Hatzenbach and 13 more cars pile in, unable to stop on the fluid spill.


Drivers involved in the incident report that there was no flag marshal present and no yellow lights shown at T13. Obviously there’s a reaction time involved with any incident. But that’s still disappointing

Several drivers left their cars to try and warn others, only to narrowly avoid being hit themselves.

Be careful out there.

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