Watch A Harlem Shake Attempt End In A Fiery Explosion In A Garage

Listen, people of Planet Earth: you need to stop making Harlem Shake videos. It's not February anymore, and at this point, you're just hurting yourselves. Want proof? Watch this video.

I'm not even sure what the plan was here, exactly. It looks like these kids were trying to do a version of the viral video with a candle or a sparkler next to a gas tank on the hood of an old Mitsubishi. In what appears to be an enclosed garage.

So no one, at any point, decided this was a horrible idea? Really?

Anyway, the fire quickly gets out of control, and two of the kids bail from the car. One of them turns around right in time for the gas tank to blow up in his face. The fire gets out of control pretty quickly and there's a lot of screaming and futile attempts to put the flames out that actually make things worse.


I really hate to sound like some grumpy old man who's like "Ohhh this wasn't safe what were you kids thinking hurrr durrr" but really? This wasn't safe. What were you kids thinking?

I just... ugh. I got nothing on this one. I'm glad it didn't end as badly as it could have, but this is all I have to offer.

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Hat tip to Austin!

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This is fake. The guys who know the sparkler is there yell "fire" when it actually lights, why? The guy who just got "exploded" squirts lighter fluid onto the fire, confusing it for water? And they for some reason have a gas tank next to a sparkler? The explosion is also pretty clearly an edited-in effect if you pause the frames, as is some of the fire after it.

If that gas tank actually was letting out fumes that combusted, that fire would be a hell of a lot worse, and the guy who got knocked over would have lost those big, bushy eyebrows of his.