Watch A Guy Freak Out As An SUV Backs Into His Hand-Built Car Out For Its First Drive

Kevin Patrick spent months building his own sports car and was ecstatic at the prospect of finally taking it out on to the open road. The ecstasy lasted all of three-tenths of a mile before an SUV backed right into it. Patrick recorded the whole crash and it may be the most painful thing you'll see today. Making it doubly painful is the fact that the kids walking over for ice cream or something with their grandpa had to hear it. Warning: NSFW Language

Patrick described the whole ordeal, and why he let out the bitterest stream of profanities you'll hear for some time.

Months of planning and building have come down to this: the first drive in my MEV Exocet from Exomotive. Georgia finally issued my title and tag today so you can imagine that I was excited for the Exocet's first drive on the street. The alignment was not perfect, so the plan was to go to the gas station about a quarter mile from my house, then to my alignment guy. I pull up to the pump, swipe my card and as I enter in my zip code I turn around to see a Ford Expedition backing straight for my baby. Thankfully I had the GoPro running so you can enjoy my NSFW reaction. I have never captured such anguish in my voice on video. This is what it feels like to have the car you just spent months building get backed into on its first trip outside the garage.

We hope that the damage is easily reparable, and that the car will be back on the road soon.

Also, that the grandkids don't repeat all those naughty words!

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