Warning: The video you are about to watch will deeply upset your Jalop sensibilities. If you have small children, tell them to go play in another room for a few minutes. They don't need to see this.

I can't find much about this video, but it surfaced on Reddit's R/Videos yesterday evening. Posted recently on YouTube, it purportedly shows a woman pummeling an NA Miata with a claw hammer — as her husband looks on and films it with a cell phone camera, threatening litigation if she touches his things or hurts him too.

He's a lot more calm about it than I would have been, that's for damn sure.

The husband, who commits the comparable sin of shooting in portrait mode, says at the beginning that this is happening in May of 2012. It's unclear why it's making the rounds on the Internet now.


How you could do this to a poor, innocent little Miata, of all cars? All it wanted to do was get sideways and make people happy! And you ruined it! Plus, the guy even says it's their car, and not just his!

Watch as she hammers the outside of the car, smashes the windows, rips up the seats and busts up the stereo. All the while, the husband merely complains that she hasn't paid their half of the rent.


Know why divorce is expensive? Because it's worth it.

Hat tip to Jack!