Watch A French Motorcyclist Dressed As Santa Chase Down A Hit-And-Run Driver

For many people, seeing a Frenchman dressed as Santa Claus on a motorcycle usually means that Cirque du Soleil is in town, so be extra wary and trust nobody. This time, though, Motorcycle Santa is something of a hero, chasing down a terrible hit-and-run driver.

The motorcycle Santa in this case seems to be biker/Youtuber Chris RS, who dressed as Santa (and somehow affixed that Santa hat to his helmet remarkably well) just so he could drive around as Motorcycle Santa and wave to people. No biggie.


As he was tooling around spreading holiday glee, Chris RS happened to see a driver in a Renault Clio run right into a woman, who was knocked to the ground. Here’s the whole video; you can see the incident happen at about 1:15:

After realizing that the Renault driver wasn’t stopping, Santa Chris takes off after the driver, chasing them through traffic, and attempting to stop and talk to the driver several times.

Eventually, Chris is able to flag down a motorcyle cop, who, incredibly, takes the word of the Santa-costumed biker at face value and realizes the gravity of the situation, and with a partner manages to stop and apprehend the hit-and-run driver.


According to Chris’ Facebook page, the woman who was hit is recovering well, so that’s good.


Oh, also, this event brought up an issue in Facebook’s French-to-English translation algorithms, since I think they need to find a better way to express “drives away from the scene of a crime,” since the phrase that was used here doesn’t exactly mean that in English.

It means something else.

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