Ford's Panther platform will finally ride into the sunset this August after 32 years in production, but one Crown Victoria owner decided it was just old enough to take it off-roading at Hell's Revenge in Moab, Utah. Jeep who?

On the off-road difficulty scale of 1 to 4, Hell's Revenge ranks as a 4+, and frequently eats drivetrains of the four-wheel-drive vehicles that attempt it. Yet the Vic clomps around the slick rocks with apparent ease — until the approach halfway through the video above that would test the trail rating of most people's britches.

In a time where even basic off-roaders often get tarted up with unnecessary gadgetry, a Crown Vic crossing the desert looks as anachronistic as a Conestoga wagon. To the unknown driver, we gladly offer a full endorsement of your man card, which you should laminate in case your Panther flips on those rocks.

Thanks Chad!