Watch a Florida State Trooper pull over a Miami PD police car

Miami-Dade police officer Fausto López was arrested and charged with reckless driving after leading Florida Highway Patrol on a seven-minute chase at up to two miles a minute while commuting to an off-duty job... in his police car.


The "do as I say, not as I do" incident occurred around 6:30 AM on October 11 when state trooper D.J. Watts witnessed López's cruiser swerving through traffic on the southbound turnpike. She gave chase but could not catch Lopez, who was driving with the single-minded intent to make it to his other job at an exclusive private school. López apparently came to his senses after a few minutes and pulled over near Hollywood, at which point Watts approached the car, gun drawn, and took López into custody.

As of this time López is still on active duty and the matter is currently being considered as a "traffic offense." Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado commented on the incident by saying, "No one should drive 120 miles per hour."


Daytona residents to the north may dispute that as an absolute, but at 6:30 in the morning in heavy traffic it's not the best idea.

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GrannyShifter (don't judge my Hofmeister kink)

In 1993, I got pulled over in Orange County, Virginia. I was doing 62 in a 55, on my to college. I got yelled at for 20 minutes by a state trooper that looked like the love child of Boss Hog and the sheriff from Smokey and The Bandit. He was even mad at my car - he reffered to my CRX as a 'cracker box car'. I was charged with speeding, reckless driving, and attempted evasion (and probably D.W.B.). When I had my mandatory day in court, the judge only charged me for speeding, and lectured the trooper for the other 2 charges.

I would have been executed on the side of the road or still rotting in a country jail cell if I had been doing 120 and weaving.