Watch a Ferrari FF Cavort in the Grass Like a Baby Goat

The sad truth is that far too many Ferraris are bought for status reasons, as opposed to buying them for the raw, visceral joy they’re capable of providing. That’s why seeing something like this, a Ferrari FF being hooned around a grassy, hilly area, is so wonderful. This is a person enjoying the shit out of their car, and I have zero problems with that.

The video comes from the Instagram account of Les Voitures de Go Fast, which is a fantastic name, suitable for crocheting on your next throw pillow project. Here it is:


See, that looks like a blast.

The FF’s shooting brake design I think is one of the best-looking modern Ferraris, and it really looks at home on that grassy knoll, sliding around, spinning its tires, revving its engine, frolicking and enjoying car-life.

Some sites reporting on this have taken a far more pearl-clutchy angle:

Let it be said that if the driver wanted to shoot this video for the purpose of putting it up on the Internet, then he succeeded hand over fist. But at what cost did his thirst for clicks and views come at the expense of the FF’s health is a question that only he can answer at this point...

Regardless if it’s a fun watch or not, that’s not how you treat a Ferrari FF.

Oh, please. Let people enjoy their cars. This is less hard on the car and tires than a track day, and there’s no one around and nothing to hit but grass. It’s fine. Let the owner have their fun. They own a Ferrari, they can deal with anything they break. Relax.


Have at it, FF-owner. Tear that grass up.

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On a slightly related note, the GTC4 Lusso is probably my new favorite Ferrari. It’s just literally everything I’d ever want in a car.

God damn.