Watch A Drag Racing Funny Car Explode In Slow Motion

NHRA held its Auto Club Finals this weekend in Pomona, California, where Jon Capps' Funny Car done blow'd up. Luckily, he escaped the blaze unharmed, but let's watch an amusingly nonchalant announcer narrate the slow-mo inferno.

"I love having that shot with the front wheels off the ground and fire coming out from under the body," explains the announcer. "Look at all that fire inside the driver's cockpit."


Uh-huh. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

I'm pretty sure there would be a large brown stain on the bottom of my racing suit if I was stuck in there.

Capps was knocked out before the final Sunday eliminations, finishing 19th out of 22 cars aiming to compete in a 16-car field, but that car-b-que looks pretty done to me. Matt Hagan ultimately won the Funny Car class, besting sixteen-time champion John Force.

[Edit: I originally listed Capps as finishing eighth for the weekend, but that was Ron Capps. Ron's car didn't go boom.]

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