Watch a Drag Racer With a Stuck Throttle Go the Wrong Way Down a Dragstrip

As you may already know, dragstrips can be dangerous as hell. It’s a relatively small area with an insane amount of power, so when things go wrong, they tend to do so dramatically. Which is pretty much how it went down in Australia this past weekend, when a big block Chevy-powered Ford Capri got a stuck throttle and wreaked havoc on a Victoria, Australia drag strip.


Luckily and incredibly, nobody was seriously injured during all this madness, so you can watch and revel in the chaos relatively guilt-free:

Holy crap, right?

It’s not really clear why the driver was not able to just shut the car down with a kill switch or something similar; something may have gone mechanically wrong, they may have just neglected to do so as a result of the understandable pants-desecrating panic of it all, or any combination of factors.

It does appear that the driver is holding the car at bay with the brakes at one point, as the wheels spin and churn up massive clouds of tire smoke, but eventually the car launches like a shot the wrong way down the dragstrip and into a retaining wall, when it finally and thankfully stalls out.

Be careful out there!

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It amazes me when you see shit like this, even on regular road cars. “My throttle stuck and I crashed!” So why didn’t you pop it into N? know...SHUT THE KEY OFF