Watch A Deer Get Taken Out At The Nürburgring By A 112 MPH Megane RS

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Growing up in Texas, I learned to be wary of errant deer on just about any road outside of a city. Now we've found a video that proves deer can be a threat to your car literally anywhere, including on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Or was the car the threat to this deer? It could be argued that he was here first. At any rate, things ended badly for this deer over the weekend when it ran out onto the track and was struck by a Renault Megane RS traveling at 180 kph, or about 112 mph at the time.

The strike was captured on video, which, while not terribly gruesome, is probably not the most pleasant thing you'll see today, so viewer discretion is advised.

According to Dutch website Autofans and the video description, the deer jumped in front of the Renault while it following a BMW. With no time to react, the driver could have either swerved and maybe spun out and crashed into the guardrails, or hit the deer.


In this case, he went with the latter, and the impact trashed the left front section of the car. The driver is just damn lucky that the deer didn't come crashing through his windshield.

As for the deer, well... Autofans makes a reference to deer steak, so I think we can all venture a guess as to its fate.


Hat tip to Pieter!