Watch A Cut Of The Greatest Car Sequences In Film From One Of The Best Directors Currently Breathing

Most film directors will probably tell you they studied Hitchcock and some weird Russian movies growing up before they made it big time. Edgar Wright, director of movies like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, was cutting together car chase compilations on VHS.


We already discussed Edgar Wright’s next movie, Baby Driver, earlier this week when the trailer dropped. A trailer which just happens to feature one of the most impressively epic j-turns ever caught on camera.


You can see where that awesome filmmaking style originated in this cut of some pretty wild, pretty crazy, pretty fun car jumps, stunts and chases that Wright compiled at the age of 19, which he was reminded of when a fan pointed it out on Twitter.

What’s fun, for me at least, is seeing the pure A-to-B correlation between most of these shots and some of my favorite work from Wright. If you aren’t doing that, the soundtrack is great and the clips provide plenty of research and memories to dig into.

Baby Driver come out in August! I’m going to go watch Hot Fuzz for the second time this week now.

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Just my opinion: Bullitt, French Connection, Mad Max, Bandit, Against All Odds, Cannonball, Bad Boys, ..... Leaving out newer movies but I’m older

Not counting race movies of course.