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Watch A Couple Of Professional Hooligans Terrorize Los Angeles On Two Wheels

Illustration for article titled Watch A Couple Of Professional Hooligans Terrorize Los Angeles On Two Wheels
Screenshot: Red Bull Motorsports

When Los Angeles traffic has you down, the best answer is always two wheels. Sure, it’s a bit more [okay, significantly more] dangerous, but you can lane-split and get to your destination in half the time. But what about when you want to have a little more fun with the journey? You could do what professional riders Robbie Maddison and Tyler Bereman do and hoon your way across LA, using every opportunity to jump over, through, and off of stuff.


Incredible drops, unbelievable gaps, big ol’ slides, mega wheelies, this video is six awesome minutes of wicked braaps. Fun for the whole family, you know, assuming the family has their M endorsement, major funding from Red Bull, and the ability to close down large sections of Los Angeles to film a video.

Obviously the premise of the video is fake from beginning to end, but it’s an excuse to do some cool stunts in a cityscape, which barely needs an excuse to begin with. Get out and hoon, because if you don’t, nobody will. Or something.


Pay particular attention to how much wheel spoke breakage that massive drop would cause, because I’m pretty sure that wheel wouldn’t be rideable after that dead man.

If you look at this like a two-wheeled Ken Block stunt, it works. It’s an entertaining thing that took several takes, lots of camera equipment, and possibly multiple days of filming and editing. Still, what a wicked way to spend the day. 

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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That drop in was on another level. He hit hard. Well done. Glad they did this right... got the permits, shut down roads, legal access. Well ridden, well filmed, well edited.