Watch A Corvette-Driving Idiot Fail At Donuts Then Commit Hit-And-Run

If you're leaving a car show, don't do a burnout. And definitely don't do three half donuts, nearly kill a cameraman, and then hit an oncoming vehicle and drive away, like this Corvette driver did. Definitely don't do that.

The car is a C5 'Vette modified by Craven Performance. The driver appears to be a man that has no common sense and cannot handle the power of a car modified by Craven Performance and gives, appropriately, a craven performance of his own.


Let's go through what he does here. First, he does a burnout and a half-donut onto a busy public road. That's not smart. Then he does another half donut, which nearly takes out a line of cars and a cameraman. That's also not smart.

Then he does one more donut, sideswipes an oncoming truck, and takes off like he's done nothing wrong. I'm actually amazed that this didn't end with a number of dead people thanks to the way this guy was driving. Insanity.

On a lighter note, what is up with that lifted Ford Escort in the first few seconds of the video? That thing looks oddly rad. Kudos to whoever actually decided to spend that sort of money on an Escort. Good for you!

(Hat Tip to Chris M.!)

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