Watch A Cobra Race Car Tumble At 130 MPH

Massive component failures in race cars are thankfully rare, because when they happen at speed the result can be brutal. Just ask Pete Tryce. Or, better yet, watch him flip his kit-car Cobra at 130 mph early this month at Willow Springs.


Seeing a bad roll from the outside is scary enough. Seeing one from the inside is a whole new perspective on the violence and suddenness of a crash. This is no drawn-out Hollywood stunt; just six seconds of a car bashing itself to death and a driver proving once again how important it is to wear a safety harness and a good helmet. Also: GoPro mounts are surprisingly sturdy.

What's left of the car is now for sale, presumably with a special note in its on-track logbook. Make an offer.


(Hat tip to everyone who forwarded this, OneHotLap!)

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DasHoon-Two wheeled fury

That corner worker needs some proper training. I'm hoping he's not an EMT, because if so, he sucks at his job. Helmet removal is not needed if the airway, breathing, and circulation are intact.

If the helmet is going to be removed, it happens with two people: one maintaining c-spine stabilization while the other removes the helmet. Manual c-spine should be one of the first things an EMT does upon approaching the driver. Leaning on the front of the helmet is the last thing to do in the event of a rollover with possible head/neck trauma, what's called a significant mechanism of injury.

Also, I suppose the lack of a HANS device is attributable to the same lack of foresight that resulted in a missing roll cage and arm restraints in the open top car. This guy is incredibly lucky.