Watch A Car With A Suspected Blown Transmission Bizarrely Drive More Than A Mile In Reverse

Screengrabs: Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Department of Transportation has some sage advice for motorists: “Don’t Be This Driver,” referring to the person piloting an SUV, which drove the wrong direction on a highway onramp, onto an overpass, and into a parking lot for a total of, according to Fox 8 News Cleveland, 1.2 miles. In reverse.

“Pro tip, if your vehicle isn’t running properly, pull safely to the side of the road and call for assistance,” ODOT writes in its Facebook post. The government organization told Fox 8 that it suspects something went wrong with the car’s (looks like an Isuzu Rodeo?) transmission, rendering the forward gears useless. The result is bizarre:

Going the wrong way on a highway on-ramp is a terrible idea, and so is continuing to drive in reverse among other cars on fairly busy streets. I could maybe see why you might want to slowly back up a mile on the shoulder to avoid being stuck on the side of a busy freeway (I myself have taken drastic measures to quickly get off freeways), but it’s called an *on*ramp for a reason. It takes you onto the highway.


That said, I feel this person’s pain. Transmission troubles are no joke.

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Sid Bridge

At least this person had a backup plan.