Watch A Bunch Of NASCAR Drivers Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other, Again

Another on track altercation involving Brad Keselowski has led to a post race, bench clearing brawl between Keselowski, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, and basically every crew. Gordon and Keselowski are bleeding and Jeff Gordon has called Keselowski "just a dipshit."


Keselowski maintains that they were "just racing" and he went for a gap tat didn't work, while Gordon, ummm, doesn't seem to feel the same way at all.

It appears that right after the race, Gordon came up to have some words with Keselowski, almost definitely about the on track antics. Things seem ok, but then Kevin Harvick pushes Keselowski from behind. That's when all hell breaks loose.

Gordon jumps in at Keselowski and the crowds, like a bunch of soccer hooligans, go nuts. It gets broken up, but Keselowski and Gordon definitely make contact. They're both bloody and bruised afterwards and look more like soccer hooligans than NASCAR racers. Insanity yet again.

Look for more penalties and sanctions before.

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