Watch A Bunch Of Celebrities Race At Irwindale Tomorrow

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Back when I lived in LA, one of my favorite local tracks was Irwindale Speedway, home of Skid Plate Racing and the Night of Destruction. Tomorrow Irwindale will be hosting something less destructive, ideally, as they hold their Celebrity Benefit Race.

The name's a little misleading; the race won't be benefitting the celebrities, who, I'm told, are getting by just fine on their own. The race will be benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project, a much better use of funds. The celebrities will benefit by getting to drive in some tube-framed, 450 HP V8 S2 stock cars on Irwindale's fast, banked oval.


Here's a full list of the celebrities who'll be strapping on helmets and racing:

Corbin Bleu - "High School Musical," "Dancing With the Stars"

Matt D'Andria - GQ's "Car Collectors," Co-Host "Car Cast"

Brett Davern - MTV's "Awkward"

Doug Fregin - Co-founder Research in Motion, makers of BlackBerry

Mark-Paul Gosselaar - "Franklin & Bash," "Saved by the Bell"

Tricia Helfer - "Battlestar Galactica," "Killer Women"

Nathan Kress - "iCarly," "Into the Storm"

Mark Kriski - KTLA 5 Meteorologist

Lorenzo Lamas - New season: "Celebrity Apprentice", "Falcon Crest", "The Bold and The Beautiful"

Erik Valdez - "Graceland," "General Hospital"

MMA Fighter and former Ultimate Fighting Champion, Tito Ortiz will be honored as the event's Grand Marshal & Official Starter

So, if you're like most of us and have longed for the chance to see a Cylon and a weatherman and the guy who co-founded Blackberry battle it out on the racetrack, boy are you in luck.

Jalopnik reader and actor Erik Valdez was nice enough to tip us off to this, and if you're looking for someone to root for in the race, I'll suggest him since he's, you know, one of us.


In addition, there's a full night of racing by people who actually do it for a living as well, so it should make for a pretty good night at the track. And it's for charity! So buy some tickets here.

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Taking bets now, folks, on the competition between Zack and Carla.* He played the brick-phone-bearing high schooler, she has seemingly played nothing but cutthroat women with agendas. Who's going to win?

*I know I'm not the only Burn Notice fan here. Of course, I could have gone with the Mass Effect reference (EDI!), but I figured the TV reference that isn't completely obvious was a better choice.