When you leave a car show, there is always that temptation to show off. Do a burnout, break the tail loose, accelerate hard. You know, something. Well, don't do it because it will eventually go wrong. That's what one British Mustang driver found out this weekend.

Yesterday was the Big Breakfast Meet in Malton, England. Think of it like the British version of Cars & Coffee. As you'd find at a large Cars & Coffee here in the states, there were people lining the streets, watching the cars exit.

Welp, one Mustang driver had to go and ruin the fun for everyone else. He pulls out of the parking lot and decides to get on it. As he accelerates away, he loses control of the car and plows into a tree or two. I've found three angles of the video, but none show the precise cause of the accident.


It looks to me like he didn't notice the cop car on the left side of the road, veered right, thought he was going to hit an oncoming car, and then overcorrected. That's how he ended up in the trees.

At least he didn't plow into a row of people.

Here's a top tip: Don't try and show off in a car in front of a large group, unless you're ready to be cripplingly embarrassed.


(Hat Tip to Garry!)