Watch A BMW M5 Pull Off A World Record 51.3-Mile Drift

Fifty-one miles isn't terribly long as far as road trips go. But what if you're sideways the entire time? That's exactly what driver Johan Schwartz did in a BMW M5 recently, and it won him a Guinness World Record.


As Motor Trend reports, Schwartz, a BMW Performance Center instructor, set the previous drift record of 47.71 miles on fire this weekend at the center in South Carolina. His M5 rode on Continental ContiSport tires and was stock otherwise.

In total, the M5 did 322.5 laps on a slicked-down 841-foot skidpad. The video only shows a small part of the drift, unfortunately. I wonder how long it took?

I kind of want to watch the whole thing.


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I'm more impressed at the tire durability.