Watch A BMW Cop Car Turn A Highway Into The Furnaces Of Hell

Photo: Breaking News/YouTube

A BMW Police wagon started vomiting flames out of its grilles in what looks like a scene from a horror movie yesterday near Ashford, in Kent, in England, in the United Kingdom. The devil hath taken this poor F31 Bimmer, and will not rest until the wagon is a large pile of Melted Driving Machine.

Kent Online reports that two police officers escaped from the thermally-deficient squad car just before it turned into a bonfire on the London-bound side of the M20 carriageway.

The highway had to be completely shut down, as smoke billowed to the far lane, causing significant traffic delays for drivers headed towards London or towards the Coast.


In case your wondering how the BMW fared after what was recorded in the clip above: it didn’t go well:

On the top-right, there’s an aftermath photo:


There’s no word on what caused the fire, but I’m going to hazard a guess that there was a fluid leak. A big one.

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