Watch A Ballet Of Disaster As Some Guys Try To Remove A Boat Engine With A Truck

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There’s something strange and wonderful about this little video, this little glimpse into the life of Doug, his friends, their boat, and an ever-present pixie called Chaos. Everything goes wrong here, suddenly and decisively, but it didn’t have to. It was sort of commanded to. Watch and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s the video. The audio is important here.

See what I mean? Things were progressing precariously, but steadily, all up to the point when the woman off-camera issues a command: “hit the gas, Doug!”


Obedient Doug hits the gas, the one thing at that moment that was probably the worst possible choice. Doug could have gently creeped a foot or two forward to accomplish his goal. Why he blindly stomped on the gas is a mystery, as is why the woman behind the camera wanted him to do so, though her delighted laughter at the ensuing chaos is probably a decent indicator of why.

That woman behind the camera is possessed by the spirit of Chaos; she seeks to cause disorder and confusion, and from that she derives her joy, her sustenance.


My pal Mark Frauenfelder over at BoingBoing came up with a similar conclusion, because, really, there’s no other way to process this. The woman wants this enterprise to fail, and her tool of destruction is Doug, who will hit the gas, hard, on command.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and everyone seems more amused by the disaster than anything.


I’m not sure about Doug, though. He remains a mystery.