Watch A Baby Free Himself From A Locked Car Like A Calm Little Boss

I’m supposed to be taking some time off to work on a book, but I’m a very skilled procrastinator, and my procrastination led me to find this video of a little toddler—still pretty much a baby, really—that managed to free himself from being locked in a car with the adorably cute aplomb of an astronaut.

The kid got somehow locked in the Audi, with the keys still inside the car. I’m not exactly sure where this is happening, but I think it’s in Turkey, because the video is stamped with DHA, a Turkish news agency.


That kid looks to be a bit over a year, maybe 18 months or so—still very much a baby, but he’s remarkably good at staying calm and focused and seems to be fairly methodically working the problem and doing his best to listen to the advice of the crowd of people around him, shouting at the car, without getting freaked out.

Watch until the end. It’s satisfying. I hope that little guy got taken out for a big-ass ice cream cone or something right after this.

Oh, and try not to lock your kids in the car, if possible.

(spotted via BoingBoing!)

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