Watch A 70s TV Show Prank People With A Haunted Type 3 Volkswagen

Cars are useful for lots of things, like getting us from point A to point B and giving us the means to do donuts in a high school parking lot while we blast "Carry On Wayward Son" at an extremely high volume.


But as this South African TV Candid Camera-type show discovered in the late 1970s, cars are also useful at playing pranks on people. The hosts put some cash under the tire of a Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback wagon, then remotely set off the horn at the unsuspecting rubes who try to remove it.

The best part comes towards the end when people start ripping the front fender off after the hosts "doctor" the car a bit. Or maybe the Type 3s were just made that way. One guy was even able to lift the car up himself to get the money, so their build quality couldn't have been that great.

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Nothing to do with "build quality." Lot to do with little weight on front axle due to rear-engined station wagon design.

Removing the fender bolts was genius. :)