Watch A 340-ton Boulder Being Slowly Towed Through Los Angeles

If you've been thinking about transporting a 680,000-pound boulder across Los Angeles but just didn't know the best way to go about it, you're in luck. Over the weekend, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art finished transporting a 340-ton boulder from Riverside County to LACAMA's Miracle Mile-area location as part of Michael Heizer's installation, Levitated Mass.

I went down there to videotape it and I'd suggest just doing it like they did.

And how they did it is pretty amazing: pulled by a massive Kenworth tractor-trailer and pushed by two more big rigs, the boulder itself was shrink-wrapped (for freshness) and suspended like a hunted boar in a massive cradle, and rides on 196 wheels, grouped into independently-pivotable rigs of eight wheels each.


The whole thing is like a massive, 260-foot long road train that goes at about 5 mph. I, along with a bunch of other LA-area megalith-transport enthusiasts, showed up at the intersection of Wilshire and Western to see the massive rig make its final, slow turn. I shot a quick bit of video which shows the massive scale of the thing, the leisurely pace, and how it barely fit in the intersection. It reminds me of the scene in Star Wars where you just watch that Star Destroyer keep going and going.

Video Credit: Jason Torchinsky, Photo Thumb: AP

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And people wonder why California is a bankrupt shithole.