Watch A $1.7 Million Aston Martin One-77 Repeatedly Stall On The Street

Just because you're behind the wheel of a $1.7 million supercar doesn't mean you know how to drive it. Watch as the driver of this Aston Martin One-77 repeatedly stalling on the streets of Paris.


We don't understand how this driver and this other One-77 owner can stall a car that doesn't even have a clutch pedal for its automated manual gearbox.

Maybe Aston should have invested in a double clutch transmission.

(Hat tip to: ScorpioGTX1 and m2m, destroyer of brake pads, disks!)


Raphael Orlove

I blame the pointlessly high standards of car reviewers for this video - supercars shouldn't have to be easy to drive, or civilized. If it has a high strung V12 and a gearbox that only works well on the open road, that's fine with me, even if it's going to be a problem for the billionaires who buy these things just to cruise around the high-rent districts of various urban centers.