Waste Your Hard-Earned Money On This $80,000 Toyota FJ Cruiser

This FJ may have a TRD supercharger and fewer than 1,000 miles, but it sure as hell isn't worth that much money

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Photo: Exotic Car Trader

It’s never been a better time to sell your off-road SUV. That also means its never been a worse time to buy an off-road SUV. There may be no better case in point for the issue than this right here — an $80,000 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

This truck went out of production right as the current off-road craze really started to pick up steam, a brilliant piece of market positioning by Toyota. Now it seems people want their FJ Cruiser back and in a bad way.

That may explain at least part of this FJ’s $79,999 asking price. Granted, this isn’t exactly an ordinary FJ Cruiser: It’s about as close to a new truck as you can get in 2022. This FJ has just a tick under 1,000 miles since it was built in 2008.


That means the last owner wasted it! And that’s a damn shame because this rig has a rare factory-installed TRD supercharger package. It’s good for 304 hp and 334 lb-ft of torque. That’s quite a healthy bump of 68 horsepower and torque over a standard FJ. It’s also mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

This truck comes with other fun pieces of kit you can absolutely blow your money on. It’s got a factory subwoofer, roof rock and brush guards.

This isn’t the first — and certainly will not be the last — FJ Cruiser to sell for a stupid amount of money. A 2014 FJ with just 63 miles sold for $81,500 in December 2021.

You really have a lot of choices when shopping for an $80,000 off-road SUV. You can have a new Jeep Wrangler Hellcat, a Bronco Raptor or Land Rover Defender. Hell, if you’re a Toyota evangelist you can get any manner of 4Runner or Lexus GX460. And do keep in mind, those offerings won’t be a 14-year-old truck with stupid doors.


Then again we live in an upside down world where 100,000 mile Land Cruisers for the early 2010s are selling for $50,000. That’s still a better rig than this FJ.

But, if you have a traumatic brain injury or are sexually attracted to Toyota FJ Cruisers from the Bush administration, here’s the truck for you.