Was This The Greatest Car Dealership Of All Time?

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From 1991 through 1998, the automotive world may have peaked.

At the tail end of Mazda’s last insane period, they launched a sporty, upscale sub-brand called Eunos. We got some of the same cars here in the United States, like the Eunos Roadster (we got it as the Miata) and the Eunos Presso (we got it as the Mazda MX-3). Others never made it Stateside, like the triple rotary Eunos Cosmo (though Jalopnik got its hands on one a little while back), or the Eunos 500 (though we got the slightly more upscale Mazda Millenia).

In the Japanese market, however, Mazda not only sold all of its Eunos cars, but they got their own dealership network that they shared with Citroën!


Citroën was still pretty weird in the mid-90s, selling ultra complex and ultra comfortable hydro-pneumatic executive cars like the vast XM at the same time as they sold ultra simple and ultra low-weight city cars like the 1,400lb AX.


So in the same dealership you had some of the most technologically advanced cars attempted up to that point in history, and you also had some of the most pure and simple driver’s cars of the last era of automotive simplicity.

This may well have been the greatest dealership lineup ever.

(Hat tip to Antti Kautonen, who turned up this tidbit from Wikipedia and found this incredible lineup image from a small-run promotional brochure for the Eunos Roadster.)