Was the Millennium Falcon found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea?

On June 19, maritime treasure hunters — who were looking for priceless submerged hooch in shipwrecks — discovered a 60-meter-diameter circle 87 meters under the Baltic Sea. Are these the remains of an alien vessel or Cthulhu's personal pan pizza?

Explains Aftonbladet (via Google Translate):

Next to the circle is a 300 meter long slide track - as if the circle has traveled across the seabed before it has settled [...] They rule out theories that there is a depth bomb or mine from the First World War - or a symmetrical [algal] bloom [...] The most likely scenario is still that there is a natural ground formation.


io9 tipster Dr Nilsson suggests that we're looking at the remains of the Millennium Falcon, which isn't entirely implausible as Chewie and Han have visited Earth (albeit in another dimension). As for a more serious guess, it's the lost Limecat of Atlantis. Also, why didn't my high school guidance counselor inform me that "Booze-Searching Scandinavian Treasure Hunter" was among the world's viable career options?

Photos via Peter Lindberg. Thanks Dr Nilsson!

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