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Was driver in fatal PCH Ferrari crash joyriding in a customer's car?

Illustration for article titled Was driver in fatal PCH Ferrari crash joyriding in a customers car?

A Ferrari was cut in half after colliding with a power pole and crashing onto a beach Sunday along the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles, killing the passenger and critically injuring the driver. Police aren't sure how the driver got the Ferrari 360, but we've got a theory. UPDATE!


Police say the driver was 24-year-old Vladimir Skvortsov of Upland, CA., who already has multiple DUI arrests. An initial investigation shows the Ferrari was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed. The police are also investigating whether or not drinking was involved.

Skvortsov is reportedly not the owner of the car, but no one has yet reported the vehicle stolen. A Jalopnik tipster points out that Skvortsov owns his own automotive detailing business. A Facebook page for the company VS Detailing (Vladimit Skvortsov Detailing) shows numerous high-end vehicles he's had in his possession.


On June 20th, there's a silver Ferrari 360 similar in appearance to the one that was crashed, leading us to believe it's possible this was a customer car left in Skvortsov's care while he was detailing it and then taken on a joy ride. Of course, it's also possible the car was lent to the driver by a current customer.

We're not sure yet, but it does appear the car was probably the same one wrecked. Coincidentally, this was just a few miles from where Stefan Eriksson famously crashed a Ferrari Enzo.

UPDATE: The Ferrari for sale previously mentioned in this article has been deleted from the current article as it was not the one wrecked.


(Hat tip to Matt!)

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