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Ward's has unveiled its 2012 Best Engines list. This year's winners and the cars they were applied in are:

3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6 (Audi A6)
2.0L N20 Turbocharged DOHC I-4 (BMW Z4/528i)
3.0L N55 Turbocharged DOHC I-6 (BMW 335i coupe)
3.6L Pentastar DOHC V-6 (Chrysler 300S/Jeep Wrangler)
2.0L EcoBoost DOHC I-4 (Ford Edge)
5.0L DOHC V-8 (Ford Mustang Boss 302)
2.0L Turbocharged DOHC I-4 (Buick Regal GS)
1.6L DOHC I-4 (Hyundai Accent/Kia Soul)
2.0L Skyactiv DOHC I-4 (Mazda3)
3.5L DOHC V-6 HEV (Infiniti M35h)


Ward's says that a record seven of this year's 10 Best Engines winners integrate state-of-the-art direct fuel injection.

Of the ten engines, the only ones using conventional multi-port injection rather than DI are the Infiniti hybrid, Chrysler Pentastar and Ford V-8.


The 2012 list also has five four-bangers, compared with three in last year's list.

Forced induction also is well-represented, with four turbocharged and one supercharged powerplant on the 2012 list.

Anything they missed?

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