Who doesn't want to go back in time? (I, for one, could use a do-over on last week's "No Pants Day.") Tell Uncle Rico to fire up the Dodge van, we've got a football game to go win.

EB Enterprises Mr. Fusion

Where do you get the latest in time travel gear? The same place you get those stick-on Buick-like portholes: O'Reilly Auto Parts.


Tired of all that messy plutonium? Then you need the EB Enterprises "Mr. Fusion." The listing claims the ability to turn household waste into 1.21 Gigawatts of power. Perfect for powering time circuits.

The fine print: Under online availability is says "not sold online" and under store availability it says "online only." Might need a little time travel to figure that one out.

Think Geek Flux Capacitor

Maybe that whole fusion thing is a little too modern for you. No problem. Think Geek is offering their old school Flux Capacitor complete with Dymo tape warnings from Doc Brown stuck to the front cover.


Also capable of 1.21 Gigawatts of time travel goodness, this flux capacitor allows you to adjust the sequential lights behind the temporal firing pins. You gotta have that.

The fine print: DeLorean not included. (As if a DeLorean could actually hit 88 mph. It couldn't even outrun a VW bus full of machine gun toting terrorists.)


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