That’s right boys and girls, put those checkbooks away - you stayed on the fence too long. All those countless hours spent comparing the Honda RC213V-S and Honda CBR600RR online (sure one has more horsepower, but the other one is super rare!) have gone to waste. Someone, or 220 someones, have made your decision for you. The RC213V-S is sold out!

Honda, who initially claimed to be building 213 bikes (because, clever), announced that they’ve taken 220 orders for their new MotoGP-bike-turned-production-dream-killer. The website to order your 213V-S, which opened last month, remains open for those of you who want to get on the waiting list in case someone else come to their sens... I mean, backs out.

I wonder how many of these come from Japan, where the bike is limited to 70 hp, or the U.S., where the bike is limited to 101 and where the sport kit is not available.

In defense of anyone who’s purchased one - if you’ve managed to live a life where you can afford a $184,000 motorcycle - you’ve probably figured out a way to get around certain rules prohibiting you from unleashing said motorcycle’s 215 horsepower potential.


Alright ‘Splitters, fess up. Which one of you put a deposit down for this thing? Because no matter how much I think Honda blew it by offering a street legal version, the want to ride is strooooong.