Wall Of Mud Washes Away Hapless Photographer's Car In Colorado

Let's talk about mud, you guys. It's bad news. Not only can it ruin that one nice pair of pants you have, it can also wash away your car in a filthy, gushing torrent.


Just ask John Schroyer, a video editor at the Colorado Springs Gazette, whose Subaru wagon was carried off wholesale by a river of mud in the Waldo Canyon burn scar following a massive rainstorm on Wednesday.

Schroyer told his newspaper that he was driving up Highway 24 when all the cars came to a stop. A police officer ahead of him threw his cruiser into reverse, but Schroyer was too late to do the same.

"I looked down for a minute, and when I glanced back up, a giant black wave of mud slammed into my car. It turned my car completely around and washed me probably a few hundred feet down the highway to the east, until I finally came to rest on the side of the on ramp," he said. "The flood waters kept going and going, and I was stuck in my car for probably half an hour, until I climbed out of the window onto my car's roof and jumped to solid ground."

More in-car video can be seen care of 9News.

You can see another vehicle get carried away in this video. A fake Twitter account now exists for Schroyer's mudswept Subaru as well.

The mudslide occurred at the site of last year's devastating Waldo Canyon wildfire, which burned some 18,200 acres of land and consumed about 350 homes. It remains the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history.


And now, you have to watch out for the mud as well.


Here is the full length, in-car footage. This guy was a complete idiot for continuing to drive into the flood and is lucky to be alive.