Walker Canada Makes Another Batch Of Driveshaft Through The Skull Shirts, Get Yours Now!

The last time Walker Canada printed up a batch of cheap Driveshaft Through The Skull shirts and I put them on eBay for him, they were gone in several hours. Nobody complained about the ink holding up poorly after multiple washes, but Walker figured he could do better and bought some better printing gear from a failed silkscreen company- got to love this faltering economy! Jump away for the details.

Walker's plan is to get rich selling really nice quality shirts for big bucks to fashion-conscious types, but he's still perfecting his technique by churning out these test runs on new factory-second blank shirts. That means you, the penny-pinching cheapskate wise and frugal Jalopnik readers, get them for cheap! The bulk of the shirts appear to be Hanes Heavyweight 50/50s and they look pretty good for the most part, but at $12.50 per ($15 for small and $17.50 for 2XL, because the cheap shirt warehouses charge more for those sizes) they might have weasel rips, bullet holes, Agent Orange contamination, etc., and these things are going out on a strictly one-way trip, defects and all!


As for colors, these shirts got 'em! Only thing is, you don't get to choose the color. Is that clear? Your shirt will come in some hideous random color! When you buy factory-second shirts in totally random colors, they're way cheap; let the rich folks pick their colors, we say. There are no pink shirts. There are no white shirts. There are no black shirts. There are some really vile blues, the whole excretory spectrum of yellows and browns, some reds that I'm pretty sure are just itching to dye all the other clothes in the wash a sickly pink, some dingy grays, mold greens, etc., plus some of those edge-case colors whose names are known only to Martha Stewart. You can go ahead and specify one color that you most don't want, and I'll sort of try not to get you that color… if you're lucky and I'm in a good mood.
Keep in mind that this is a special deal aimed at getting as many Jalopnik readers as possible hooked up with shirts, so please limit your purchases to one or two shirts- we want everyone here to get a shot at genuine DTTS Shirt ownership. If you have three kids or some other good reason to buy more than two shirts, include a heartfelt note with your order and I might relent on the quantity limit. There will be more of these at some point, so don't feel bad if you miss out.
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