Wagonist Magazine: The Magazine For ワゴニスト!

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This right here is the best thing we've seen all day. Granted, the covers seem more oriented toward Japanese-style CUVs (Toyota Alphard, Honda Stepwagon, etc.) than the traditional five-door, but... really? A magazine about wagons? Who's complaining?

Illustration for article titled Wagonist Magazine: The Magazine For ワゴニスト!

Details are slim (and our Japanese is horrible), but as far as we can tell, Wagonist is nothing short of spectacular. The amazing piece of excellence below is what Google comes up with when you plug in a block of text from this distribution site:

"Wagons and minivans," said one narrow category, and Tuning, including parts and dress-up, will introduce the parts thoroughly after every magazine . . . a new sense of such a wagon "Wagonisuto" [Wagonist] is. Part Introduction to the course itself, like those involved in the various parts will give information and suggestions. Of course, their car will appear, just extraordinarily Supesharumeikuwagon [Special Make Wagon]. Heard from domestic wagon, to be Inpotowagon [Import Wagon] mind, always dress up and decorate a new mode of Chuninguappu [Tuning Up] magazine. Other News & Information guides and shop, full of horrifying [?] article in the wear test and implement practical parts, and is the subject of wagons to minivans corner roe."

Oh, Japan — bad translations of your beautiful language never cease to amuse. Wagons ho!

(Hat tip to Sean!)


Japanese minivans are actually very cool. I don't know who the hell makes decisions at the American divisions of Japanese automakers but we manage to get stuck with awful, bloated, truck-like variations.

Do a search of the Japanese Odyssey or the Previa and behold how much more awesome they look than their American counterparts.