Wagon Battle! Subaru Legacy Vs. Mitsubishi Legnum

What would Maximum Wagon Day be without a wagon battle? And nobody does track battles better than Best Motoring. This classic clip showcases two JDM wagons for the Japanese family that's really on-the-go; a Subaru Legacy GT-B and Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 circa 1996. It's too bad they didn't include a Nissan Stagea, but even these two haulers are entertainment enough. Both have twin-turbos, AWD, a 5spd manual 'box, and more interior room than some Tokyo sleeping pods. Check out all that weight-transfer-induced oversteer on the slalom course, and enjoy the fierce 3-lap wagon battle action on the Tsukuba circuit.

[Best Motoring via YouTube]



1. That was better than Knight Rider.

2. The only thing that could improve that would be the Top Gear lads and The Stig.