VW Will Bring An AWD Manual Diesel Wagon To America

It's the holy grail, friends. Volkswagen is bringing a Golf Sportwagen TDI 4Motion to the New York Auto Show. AWD. Manual. Diesel. Wagon.

MotorTrend reports the AWD diesel wagon is only going to be a 'concept,' but a concept in name only. This is a production-ready car, with either a 170hp/184 lb-ft turbo 1.8 liter gasoline motor or a 150hp 2.0 liter turbo diesel motor. The official transmissions, MT reports, will be the DSG six-speed and the company's six-speed manual.


Yes, it is that moment you have been waiting for. There will be a diesel, manual, AWD wagon for sale in the United States.

I can't think of the last time this ever happened. Can you?


Photo Credits: VW

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