VW Passat CC R-Line: An Audi A4 S-Line For The People

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The Volkswagen CC is already the most attractive mid-size sedan on the market and one of the best values. VW's decided to capitalize on the first benefit and mitigate the second by now offering it in R-Line trim.


The CC R-Line adds 17-inch wheels, new spoiler and side skirts and a few R-Line logos here and there. It's not much in the way of an upgrade, but it'll let VW squeeze a few more dollars out of top-of-the-line customers.

The new Volkswagen Passat CC R-Line

Customers ordering the Passat R-Line automatically get a specially modified exterior and interior. Outside, the R-Line's 17-inch "Mallory" alloy wheels appear with 235/40 tyres (18-inch is optional), which cast the Passat CC in an even sportier light. Also newly designed are the front spoiler and side skirts; both are painted in car colour. Painted in glossy black, on the other hand, is the exterior radiator grille with its two chrome-plated louvres. The taillights are smoked.

In the Passat CC R-Line interior, standard features include details such as four special door tread plates (front plates have R-Line logo) and a leather three-spoke steering wheel with multifunction keys and R-Line logo. Considering that even the base version of the Passat CC already includes convenience features such as sport seats and a climate control system, the Passat R-Line is unlikely to leave any wishes unfulfilled.

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My favorite line is "cast the Passat CC in an even sportier light". That's the 3rd thing I ask at a dealer. "How much hp? How much does it cost? How sporty of a light does it project?".