VW Golf Country Makes Tiguan Look Like Sissymobile

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Oh sweet Christkindle, we've found VW's best car ever and it's called the VW Golf Country. Just as we were being screwed at the gas pump filling up, the traffic cleared and this came into view across the street. You all should have been there to see the frantic scramble for the camera as we raced against the owners' intent to scramble with our new found love. Even though these picture make us feel like half private eye, half stalker, we can't help it; seeing this super rare, four wheel drive, Mark 2 Golf is like catching Sasquatch riding the Loch Ness monster like a big wet pony. We're loving the high res shots showing the bashed front fascia and busted up fender flares, the field repairs on the wiring, the chintzy 80's style decals, oh my, it's almost too much.


It's incredible that this car is dead stock, right down to the brush guard, but totally true. Apparently this was a very popular car with Germany's hunting population, which is both small, and insanely regulated. The little cars could get into and out of the Hinterlands without a problem and still return fantastic mileage. We're thinking US hunters would have a slightly different opinion of the car, probably involving a lot more laughter, but we still want to add it to our collection.

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Oh yes, that is the vienershnitzen.