VW Arteon Will Be Gone By 2024: Report

Word is that VW's slow-selling premium sedan will get the axe in just over a year's time to be replaced by an EV.

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Image: Volkswagen

None of this should surprise anyone if you’re in the know, but Automotive News is reporting that the VW Arteon is going to be discontinued in 2024.

Buried in Automotive Newsfuture vehicle report for VW is something that we all knew was coming eventually. Amid reports of all the new EVs the German brand plans to roll out over the next year or so is a single sentence:

Arteon: VW’s top-line internal combustion-powered sedan will be discontinued in the U.S. in 2024, replaced by the ID Aero.


The report further says that VW is replacing the Arteon with the Tesla-fighting ID.Areo. The third ID EV is a Passat-sized car that should go on sale in 2024. It was shown earlier this year as a concept.

Is anyone mourning? I don’t think enough people bought the things to mourn them. If this report turns out to be true, it’ll be a long time coming for the Arteon. While it was just recently updated with the same turbocharged engine from the Golf R, the Arteon has had a hard time finding buyers.


The premium Arteon was released for the 2017 model year as a more upmarket successor to the CC before it. But it’s never been a strong seller. Blame consumer movement away from sedans to crossovers as well as an Audi-like price for higher trims. Even now, pricing for a ‘22 Arteon starts at $43,825 and goes up. Fully loaded, you’re nearly at Audi S5 Sportback money: $51,385.

When I say no one buys these things I’m not exaggerating. Just four months ago, only 47 units had sold so far this year. At the end of Q2 of this year, that number had gone up to 123 units. That may seem slightly better until you see that that 123 Arteons sold is a 92.7 percent drop from 2021.


If this all pans out though, it’ll be a bit sad to see the Arteon go. While it’s a nice car (and probably a hell of a used buy) its pricing and premium-ness just didn’t fit with the rest of the VW lineup.

I reached out to a VW representative to get confirmation, and they declined to comment either way.